You get up early in the morning, shower, fix some breakfast and set off for another busy day. You live in the city, so your daily commute is a combination of some walking and mass transit (healthy and ecological). On the way to work you get your daily dose of caffeine and arrive at the […]

TED: Adam Alter

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2017 TED Conference that took place on April 24-28 in Vancouver, BC (Canada), under the general title of The Future You. Adam Alter’s talk was featured on the screen of TEDxMadrid this year (2017), but I had already watched it online -even if by accident. It is one […]

I robot

You are afraid that one day robots will come and take away your job, right? Think again. Robots ain’t coming. Robots are here already. And guess what: they are not taking away your job. More to the contrary: while they are not replacing you but complementing you, more jobs are being created for people like […]

digital banking

There are few things that I hate more than waiting in line. And if there is one place where you are guaranteed to have to wait in line that is your bank. Surprisingly, I may add, after so many years of online banking and the widespread availability of mobile banking apps for our mobile devices. […]

(the) sharing (the) economy

Quick! You have just been told that you are having an additional week of vacation: what is the first site that comes to your mind to search for accommodation for that vacation? If your answer -like mine- is Airbnb, you are a part of the so-called sharing economy -even if you didn’t know it. Nobody […]


Can you even remember what your life was like before you had a smartphone? Depending on your age probably not. And if you do you probably wonder how we could survive without Google Maps, Whatsapp or a camera in our pocket, always available for the perfect photo op. Funny, because smartphones have been around for […]


In less than a year its price went from about 600USD to almost 5,000USD, only to fall dramatically in just two weeks to about 3,500USD. No, this is not the price of gold, or diamonds or a piece by a famous artist. This has been the recent behavior of bitcoin, probably the most famous cryptocurrency. […]

language teaching

I am a 25-year veteran of English Language teaching, both in Spain and in the U.S.A., Before that, of course, I majored in English in college and took English all through my Middle School and High School years -so I have experienced (sometimes, suffered) the evolution of English Language teaching methods first-hand. Without going back to […]

TED: Ann Makosinski

This week’s talk is a TEDxTalk filmed during the 2016 TEDxTeen Event that took place on January 16 in London, UK, under the general title of Untapped. Imagine all the things you can do… off of your phone. That is the premise for Ann Makosinski’s talk, that she delivered when she was 18 years old: Ann went […]