bike sharing

When I wrote about the sharing economy a few weeks ago, I focused on two main aspects: the benefits and controversies surrounding this new economic model the difference between the sharing economy and sharing the economy, that is, between the companies that benefit from it (I specifically mentioned Airbnb and Uber) and the communities that […]

TED: Luis Vargas

This week’s talk is a TEDxTalk filmed during the 2017 TEDxPortland that took place on April 15 in Portland, OR, under the general title of Spectrum. We live in a world of consumption. Before you buy your next item for your “man cave” or “she shed,” think again. In his talk, Luis Vargas defends that adventure and […]


Can you even remember what your life was like before you had a smartphone? Depending on your age probably not. And if you do you probably wonder how we could survive without Google Maps, Whatsapp or a camera in our pocket, always available for the perfect photo op. Funny, because smartphones have been around for […]

storage boom

The average home size in the U.S. is 2,687 square feet (250 square meters, for those used to the metric system), which represents a 1,000 square foot increase since 1973, when the average home size was 1,660 square feet (154 square meters). At the same time, the average family size has declined to an all […]

beyond digital files

So you look around your place and find nothing to sell, donate or throw away? Uhm. Weird. Nothing to apply the 1-year rule to? Uhm. Even more weird. Okay then, let’s try something else: take a look at the hard drive in your computer? Can’t find anything there to minimize, to throw away? The hard […]

one at a time

For the last 30-40 years we have been sold the idea that technology allowed us to multitask (do more than one thing simultaneously) and be more productive: technology allowed us to take a phone call while we were browsing the web searching for information while we were downloading a presentation to our computer while we […]

social media diet

A study published last year made headlines when it stated that many of us check our smartphones an average of 150 times a day. 150 times a day: that’s about 10 times an hour (if you don’t check it during your 8 hours of sleep); that’s about once every 6 minutes -which means that whatever […]