space out

Preoccupied is one of my favorite words in English, for two reasons: because its meaning is quite different from that of words that look just like it in other languages, such as preocupado in Spanish or préoccupé in French because its meaning is faithful to the combination of the preffix pre- and the adjective occupied, […]

always right

What newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows do you read/watch/listen to online? Are they the same you used to read/watch/listen to on paper/broadcast in the good ol’ times of analog media? Let me guess: probably so. Have you ever given some thought to the political/ideological bias of your media diet? In other words, have you […]

been there, done that

I hate to break it to you, but déjà vu is not a glitch in the Matrix. I know that is what Trinity told Neo when he saw a black cat pass them and then a second black cat that looked just like the first one. I would also like to believe Trinity, but déjà […]


As of late, not a day goes by without hearing/reading about the latest exploitable software vulnerability that we need to worry about and patch quickly. Obviously, that is cause for concern -but this post is not about technology, this post is about human relationships. In that context, a vulnerability is the quality or state of being exposed […]

collective intelligence

Over the years I have been asked to give presentations, lead workshops and participate in seminars, most often about aspects related to education such as ICT (instructional technologies) or international programs -several times. I have the impression that doing that was as interesting and enriching for me as it was for the participants -or even […]

radical transparency

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis maxim that sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants was first published in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article. Funny how I had always heard that to my mom and my grandmom, even if in a literal sense* (something which, by the way, seems not to be 100% accurate). A similar relationship could […]