TED: Ann Makosinski

This week’s talk is a TEDxTalk filmed during the 2016 TEDxTeen Event that took place on January 16 in London, UK, under the general title of Untapped. Imagine all the things you can do… off of your phone. That is the premise for Ann Makosinski’s talk, that she delivered when she was 18 years old: Ann went […]

TED: Laura Trice

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2008 TED Conference that took place on February 27-March 1 in Monterey, CA, under the general title of The Big Questions. If you know me you know that I couldn’t resist Laura Trice’s talk as soon as I saw its title: I can never emphasize enough how important […]

managing mistakes

We all make mistakes, but it is how we deal with those errors in judgment and take steps to rectify the situation that show our true character.” Rita Schiano. Rita Schiano said it first, but I would have used almost the same words to express my opinion on the topic of mistake management: we all […]

TED: Ashton Applewhite

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2017 TED Conference that took place on April 24-28 in Vancouver, BC (Canada), under the general title of The Future You. I found Ashton Applewhite’s talk totally by accident, but loved it so much that I watched it twice. Consecutively. And I highly recommend that you watch it too, […]

broken windows

I love podcasts. They allow me to listen to selected contents (so I know that I will find them interesting) without all the noise associated with a live radio broadcast (so I don’t waste my time listening to commercials or other things I am not interested in). Additionally, I can choose between listening to podcasts […]

ask away

Sometimes, when I walk in a part of town that I do not know that well or when I am visiting a different town (as a tourist or on business) I ask people on the street for directions. The obvious question (one my wife asked me once) is: why don’t I just pull out my […]


When I was a kid, August 1 was one of the days of the year I dreaded most. On the contrary, that was my dad’s favorite day, since it marked the beginning of his month-long vacation, the day he could leave his two jobs (morning and evening) behind and leave the city to spend a […]

be assertive

It’s hard to attend a seminar these days on leadership, team management or people skills without the concept of assertiveness popping up -several times. While it is hard to dispute that the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive.” is an important one to master, it is also true that not enough is […]

New Year’s resolutions

Yes, I am aware that 2018 does not start until January 1 -so it may sound strange that I am already posting about New Year’s resolutions, right? Bear with me, please: while for most people the year starts on January 1 and finishes on December 31, for those of us in the world of education the […]


For years and years, when we wanted to pay for a product or service we have reached for our wallet and produced some cash, that the Wikipedia defines as money in the physical form of currency, such as banknotes and coins.” Cash, of course, has been around for hundreds, thousands of years -first in the form of coins and later […]