educational leadership

Running a school, just like running any other organization or company, is no easy task. I know all too well: you need to juggle rules and regulations with the interests and needs of parents and staff while you put your students first and center of everything you do and while you take care of day-to-day […]

process or result?

In the world of professional sports results are everything: you either win or you lose, you are number one or you are not. No wonder then that athletes face greater pressure today than ever before to be competitive, to score, to rack up statistics, and to produce wins. But what may be understandable, even reasonable, […]

language teaching

I am a 25-year veteran of English Language teaching, both in Spain and in the U.S.A., Before that, of course, I majored in English in college and took English all through my Middle School and High School years -so I have experienced (sometimes, suffered) the evolution of English Language teaching methods first-hand. Without going back to […]


Some ideas or concepts translate badly from one language to another, a great demonstration of how languages are vehicles for cultural transmission -which may explain why some people get to learn to speak a foreign language, but never really master it if they don’t get immersed in the culture as well. But that is a […]


The five years I lived in Houston (September 2005-August 2010) I was permanently amazed by the sheer size of the State of Texas. Just one example: (I never did but) I could have driven from Houston to El Paso, never leaving Texas, and that would have taken me at least 11 hours, non-stop. Here in […]

team teaching

In a previous post I already established that, unfortunately, in my vicinity and industry (education) teamwork is a rarity. Unfortunately, because introducing teamwork in our schools would be extremely beneficial not only for our teachers, but also for our students, their families and our communities at large. But today I would like to go even further and […]

TED: Laura Trice

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2008 TED Conference that took place on February 27-March 1 in Monterey, CA, under the general title of The Big Questions. If you know me you know that I couldn’t resist Laura Trice’s talk as soon as I saw its title: I can never emphasize enough how important […]

broken windows

I love podcasts. They allow me to listen to selected contents (so I know that I will find them interesting) without all the noise associated with a live radio broadcast (so I don’t waste my time listening to commercials or other things I am not interested in). Additionally, I can choose between listening to podcasts […]


When I was a kid, August 1 was one of the days of the year I dreaded most. On the contrary, that was my dad’s favorite day, since it marked the beginning of his month-long vacation, the day he could leave his two jobs (morning and evening) behind and leave the city to spend a […]