TED: Augie Picado

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2017 TED@UPS that took place on July 20 in Atlanta, GA, under the general title of What if? … and other questions that lead to big ideas. We’ve heard a lot of rhetoric lately suggesting that importers, like the US, are losing valuable manufacturing jobs to exporters like […]

digital banking

There are few things that I hate more than waiting in line. And if there is one place where you are guaranteed to have to wait in line that is your bank. Surprisingly, I may add, after so many years of online banking and the widespread availability of mobile banking apps for our mobile devices. […]

(the) sharing (the) economy

Quick! You have just been told that you are having an additional week of vacation: what is the first site that comes to your mind to search for accommodation for that vacation? If your answer -like mine- is Airbnb, you are a part of the so-called sharing economy -even if you didn’t know it. Nobody […]


Can you even remember what your life was like before you had a smartphone? Depending on your age probably not. And if you do you probably wonder how we could survive without Google Maps, Whatsapp or a camera in our pocket, always available for the perfect photo op. Funny, because smartphones have been around for […]


In less than a year its price went from about 600USD to almost 5,000USD, only to fall dramatically in just two weeks to about 3,500USD. No, this is not the price of gold, or diamonds or a piece by a famous artist. This has been the recent behavior of bitcoin, probably the most famous cryptocurrency. […]


When I grew up there were (even if I never really thought about it back then) basically two employment models: working for someone else, whether for a private company or as a government employee working for yourself, opening your own business or company I have to admit that I don’t have what it takes to […]


Some ideas or concepts translate badly from one language to another, a great demonstration of how languages are vehicles for cultural transmission -which may explain why some people get to learn to speak a foreign language, but never really master it if they don’t get immersed in the culture as well. But that is a […]

drivers wanted

In the late 1990s, Volkswagen launched a very successful commercial campaign in the U.S.A. that comprised all the most popular advertising platforms back then (TV, printed media and billboards) using the slogan Drivers Wanted. All the ads, regardless of the platform, sought an emotional response from the consumer while representing a different way of driving […]


For years and years, when we wanted to pay for a product or service we have reached for our wallet and produced some cash, that the Wikipedia defines as money in the physical form of currency, such as banknotes and coins.” Cash, of course, has been around for hundreds, thousands of years -first in the form of coins and later […]

on vacation

It depends on your line of work, but for many of us email is a common tool in the workplace. Sometimes, too common -according to Carleton University researchers, we now spend one-third of our time at the office and half of the time we work at home reading and answering emails. That’s 11.7 hours spent at […]