social media diet

A study published last year made headlines when it stated that many of us check our smartphones an average of 150 times a day. 150 times a day: that’s about 10 times an hour (if you don’t check it during your 8 hours of sleep); that’s about once every 6 minutes -which means that whatever […]

digitize your life

So you read all about the 1-year rule and went, uh-huh, that could work for me too! -but then wondered if it would with things other than clothes. In other words, you wondered what to do with many, many other things in your home that clutter your life but that would/may not “respond” that well […]

social learning

There is no doubt that technologies and new media have changed the way we consume content these days: we spend less time in front of our TV sets and yet we spend more time in front of multiple screens than ever before, we buy less newspapers and yet we read more news than ever before, […]

the 1-year rule

A few days ago I promised to share the process I followed to become a minimalist. Here it is -but first a warning: this is not a once-size-fits-all recipe, which means that what worked for me may not work for you, or that your priorities may be different from mine, or that your time constraints […]

re-invent yourself, often

Lifetime loyalty to a company (or shushinkoyou) used to be a tenet of Japanese culture. It traces back to the 1920s, when lifetime employment policies were officially enacted since they were believed to engender a bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom mutuality of corporate mission. Those habits intensified after World War II, when Japan faced a labor shortage and, […]

we need more intelligence

When you do a quick Google search for the term artificial intelligence, the results do not just include -as is to be expected- multiple links to a definition of the term the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans but also to many other links that deal with […]

less is the new more

Minimalism is a trending topic these days, at least in the United States, thanks in no small part to the work of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus -also known as The Minimalists. Joshua and Ryan are American authors, podcasters, filmmakers and public speakers that began pursuing a minimalist lifestyle back in 2010 and who decided […]