TED: Dao Nguyen

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2017 TEDNYC that took place on October 17 in New York, NY under the general title of How to build the future.

What’s the secret to making content people love? Why does some content (primarily video) go viral while other does not? How can you learn to create content that will go viral? In her talk, Dao Nguyen gives us a glimpse at how her team creates their tempting quizzes, lists and videos -and learn more about how they’ve developed a system to understand how people use content to connect and create culture.

That is what they have called “cultural cartography”, a system that doesn’t just think about the subject matter but also about, and in fact, primarily about, the job that your content is doing for the reader or the viewer. To do that they use a map where each set of bubbles represent a different aspect of the content:

  • humor
  • identity
  • feelings
  • connections

According to Dao, this project changes the relationship between media and data. For media companies, questions such as How many followers have I gained? How many views have I gotten? How many unique IDs do I have in my data warehouse? are very relevant.

But that misses the true value of data, which is that it’s ours (the user’s). If media companies can capture in data what really matters to us, and if they can understand more the role that their work plays in our actual life, the better content they can create for us, and the better they can reach us.

As Publisher of BuzzFeed, Dao Nguyen thinks about how media spreads online and the technology and data that publishers can use to understand why.

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