TED: Amel Karboul

This week’s TED Talk was filmed during the 2017 TED@BCG that took place on October 4 in Milan (Italy), under the general title of Break the Mold.

We are in the midst of a learning crisis, says Amel Karboul in her talk: globally, a quarter billion of the world’s children are out of school, and an additional 330 million are in school but failing to learn. If nothing changes, that number will only grow, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Karboul shares two important ways we can improve our education systems so that every child is in school and learning within just one generation:

  • have countries learn from others within their same income level, and
  • divide teaching between content teachers and tutoring teachers.

We can implement these ideas worldwide by bringing stakeholders together, relentlessly following up to make sure progress is happening and finding new ways for countries to borrow money for education, Karboul says. “Education is the human rights struggle of our generation,” she concludes, “Quality education for all: that’s the freedom fight we’ve got to win.”

Dr. Amel Karboul is an education pioneer, Secretary-General of MEF (Maghreb Economic Forum) and Commissioner at the Education Commission who builds bridges between the private, public sector and civil society to solve today’s global challenges in education.

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