Can you even remember what your life was like before you had a smartphone? Depending on your age probably not. And if you do you probably wonder how we could survive without Google Maps, Whatsapp or a camera in our pocket, always available for the perfect photo op.

Funny, because smartphones have been around for just a few years. Specifically, the iPhone -which we can all agree opened the floodgates to the smartphone revolution– just turned 10 a few weeks ago. And with that our lives changed forever -in more ways than one.

To celebrate that 10th anniversary, Apple introduced the iPhone X (read it iPhone ten) last September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park –a venue built just for unveiling new products to the world. Now, whether the new iPhone X -which intends to mark the path for smartphone evolution for the next 10 years- is up to the hype created before its unveiling is for you to decide -and not the topic of this post.

Undoubtedly, the iPhone X is a fine piece of technology: from the 5.8 bezel-less OLED super-retina display, to the front true-depth camera and the back dual 12m cameras with optical image stabilization, from the all-new A11 bionic chip to the Apple‑designed three‑core GPU, from the wireless charging capabilities to the two-hours-longer-than-iPhone7 battery life, it all screams quality. But at what price?

Pricing varies from country to country, but for the entry-level model (64gb storage) it goes from $999 + sales tax in the U.S., to £999 in the UK, to €1,159 in the European continent. So the question is: is an iPhone really worth that much money? To answer that question we must first understand the difference between value and price:

value is

what you, as a customer, believe the product or service you buy is worth to you.”

and price is

the financial reward the seller charges for providing the product or service.”

Therefore, while price is objective (public, determined by someone other than yourself) value is subjective (private, determined by you). In other words, there are as many answers to the question I asked above as people responding to it. Each one of us can/has to decide whether an iPhone X is worth that kind of money.

In my case, the answer is absolutely not. There is no way I would spend that much money on a smartphone (not even on an iPhone X), for many reasons:

  • first, because I agree wholeheartedly with Luis Vargas when he says that we should buy less and travel more: I much rather spend my money on learning experiences, such as visiting new cities/countries, than on a piece of technology that (good as it may be) will be obsolete (by design) in a couple of years.
  • second, because I truly believe that less is more: having more stuff is not going to make us happier, having more expensive stuff is not going to make us happier, or as The Minimalists put it, Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.
  • third, because from a purely technological point of view there are way more affordable options out there: don’t let Apple’s smooth talk and reality distortion field fool you. Some of those innovations were in use in Android phones before Apple incorporated them into their phones (from bezel-less OLED screens to wireless charging, for example).

The thing is, I have been using a Nexus 5X for the last six months after using an iPhone 6S Plus and I have never missed the iPhone. Not for a minute. And the Android phone cost me less than half what I paid for the iPhone. Not only that -there are Android phones in the market today that offer even more (screen, processor, ram, storage) for even less, widening even more the gap in price between those options and the iPhone X.

So, no, the iPhone X is not worth my money (not enough value for the price). But that is a personal decision, right? Take your own, but please share it in the comments below. I’d love to know your reasons!