In less than a year its price went from about 600USD to almost 5,000USD, only to fall dramatically in just two weeks to about 3,500USD. No, this is not the price of gold, or diamonds or a piece by a famous artist. This has been the recent behavior of bitcoin, probably the most famous cryptocurrency. […]

TED: Lauren Singer

This week’s talk is a TEDxTalk filmed during the 2015 TEDxTeen that took place on May 16 in New York, NY, under the general title of Simply Irresistible. Imagine that you could put all the trash produced over a three-year period inside of a 16 oz. mason jar. That is exactly what Lauren Singer did and what […]

language teaching

I am a 25-year veteran of English Language teaching, both in Spain and in the U.S.A., Before that, of course, I majored in English in college and took English all through my Middle School and High School years -so I have experienced (sometimes, suffered) the evolution of English Language teaching methods first-hand. Without going back to […]


When I grew up there were (even if I never really thought about it back then) basically two employment models: working for someone else, whether for a private company or as a government employee working for yourself, opening your own business or company I have to admit that I don’t have what it takes to […]

TED: Amal Kassir

This week’s talk is a TEDxTalk filmed during the 2016 TEDxMileHighWomen Event that took place on October 28 in Denver, CO, under the general title of It’s about time. They say that the shortest distance between two people is a story. In her talk, Amal Kassir elaborates on that to add that the greatest distance you can travel in […]


Some ideas or concepts translate badly from one language to another, a great demonstration of how languages are vehicles for cultural transmission -which may explain why some people get to learn to speak a foreign language, but never really master it if they don’t get immersed in the culture as well. But that is a […]


The five years I lived in Houston (September 2005-August 2010) I was permanently amazed by the sheer size of the State of Texas. Just one example: (I never did but) I could have driven from Houston to El Paso, never leaving Texas, and that would have taken me at least 11 hours, non-stop. Here in […]