re-inventing myself. everyday.

don't hesitate to contact me. let's build something together!

the best way to predict the future is to invent it (Alan Kay). how about we do it together? these are some of the fields that interest me for potential cooperation -but I'm open to new challenges and possibilities!

mobile learning

making the best out of the mobile devices we carry with us and on us 24/7: the best tech is the tech that is right there when you need it

massive online courses

using web-based platforms for the distribution of training and capacitation programs to large numbers of participants simultaneously

cloud computing

using cloud-based services for real-time cooperation in education programs both locally (school) and globally (international programs)

blended learning

making the best out of face-to-face sessions to complement online systems for a more effective delivery of training programs


using all kinds of multimedia (audio, video, infographics, presentations) for an effective delivery of training content and programs

digital badges

using digital badges as alternative credentials for the recognition and accreditation of formal, non-formal and informal training programs


if you made it here, you probably already know me -but just in case:

mission statement

I'm always searching for ways to integrate technologies in an education system that is both multilingual and open to the world, experimenting with the web and social networks, working on better learning systems and living intensely in a networked society. clearly, I'm all for challenges, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with me in case you have an idea or proposal that we could work together on. let's build something together!

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some of the folks that worked with me in the past had these nice things to say about me
Miguel is a problem solver. He is quick to make decisions and sets clear priorities and guidelines. It is easy to work with him. His technical expertise is also a great asset.

Adolfo Carbón

Senior Education Consultant
Miguel is a systematic and has good knowledge both on project management and e-learning which was our common project topic while he was serving as Coordinador de Programas Educativos Internacionales e Idiomas at Consejería de Educación - Gobierno de La Rioja.

Jan Frick

Miguel is a professional, organized, and committed leader in language development and education. Moreover, his expertise in the Spanish language and cultures is beneficial to teachers and students alike to strengthen their knowledge and practice of world languages.

Joseph Rodríguez

Assistant Professor


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